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It is ultimately the individual storytellers who make up the Collective Legacy Project. However, those of us behind the scenes thank you for enjoying our work and their stories.



Cara Livorio


Cara Filename

Cara is a practicing artist in Pittsburgh, PA.  She studied art and art history at Penn State University and continued her education in Italy, studying curatorship and visual art at NABA in Milan.  She went on to paint murals in Milan and taught art and art history at an Italian private school.  She returned to Pittsburgh in late 2011 to pursue her artwork and other ambitions.  

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"I have always loved my grandparents’ stories; their tales of immigration, the Italian community, hardship and their lifestyle have always captured my imagination. I myself grew up in the ominous shadow of that same booming small town that they always talked about, driving down the empty tree-lined streets that used to be alive with activity. I always saw the town’s demise as quite nostalgic and depressingly wasteful. Upon high school graduation, New Kensington became a place that I wanted to leave behind; that was easier. After college, I moved to Milan, Italy in 2008 to pursue graduate school in visual art and curatorship. One of my curatorial assignments in school was to interview five random strangers in Milan, creating a show around those people. The experience of this project really struck a chord with my sensibilities as an artist; the only problem was that I was performing this meaningful and historical project in a place that was not my home and not quite my history to preserve, although fascinating nonetheless. The idea of a video archive started percolating at this time. After returning home to New Kensington from Europe, I have been able to realize and put into motion ideas about which I’m passionate, this project being at the forefront. I was personally inspired to film my grandparents telling their stories because merely jotting down the facts failed to capture that sparkle in their eyes, their spirit and enthusiasm which made it so memorable for me. Expanding this project to create an archive including many people of their generation is my artistic vision. I am so proud to be working with Tony, Nate, Jared and Kristi, as we have defined our vision. Thanks to my incredibly talented, passionate, and devoted team, we have finally put into motion this project that includes this online archive that will be built up continuously with profiles, pictures, and commentary over the next months."

kristi jan hoover


Kristi is a photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She believes that every portrait should communicate a piece of her subject's story. Discovering that story is one of her favorite aspects of work.

Her photography is inspired by her interest in the human condition - how we live, our passions, motivations, flaws and desires.

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Kristi was born and raised in the rural coal mining town of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. She completed her Bachelor of Arts, graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, as a double major in Studio Arts and the History of Art and Architecture. She then earned her teaching certification in Art Education at Carlow University. She began her adventures in photography in 2008, when she met her mentor, Richard Kelly. Her art has shown in numerous galleries and is part of both private and public collections. In 2009, Kristi won first place in Ohio University's International Photography Contest. She says, "The past is nearly as precious as the present. There comes a point when all we have is a collection of fragments to represent the life a person lived. Those fragments come in the form of memories, photographs, videos and us, the people whose lives they've helped to craft. Each one of us is living out a name, a legacy. Knowing where we came from shapes the path we choose to take and guides us to what really matters. It has become perfectly clear that people, passion and love are the key ingredients to a life well lived. That being said, it is an absolute honor and pleasure to photograph and spend time with each participant, as well as with Cara, Tony, Nate and Jared. Every photograph is a chance to remember and relive the moments we cherish. It is my hope that these images and this project will mean the world to a few people and offer many others insight to living life simply with a heart full of love, a fire in your belly and the best of company."

nathan mirizio

Creative Producer

Nathan is a filmmaker and writer. He helps to produce what you see here and provides humble creative input when it's (sometimes) helpful to the group. He also manages the website from time to time.

Nathan entered this project with a head full of expectations, which were quickly replaced with a heart full of truth.

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"The heart. It's what we aim for. It's the center and the end. With any luck, it drives us and guides us. Even if occasionally forgotten, each beat reminds us how it's still there... full of opportunity. The heart is what I've found in this project of obscure moments, nearly-forgotten memories and the creases of aged skin forming around sincere smiles. I've found it in incredible journeys recounted with humble candor. I find it in every lovely person we meet through this project. I sincerely hope you find it here too."


Associate Producer


Tony attended Kent State University, earning a Master’s Degree in Architecture from The College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

He now resides in Pittsburgh and is employed as a registered architect in Sewickley, PA.

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"The stories that our subjects impart, which they typically believe to be unexceptional, have resonated with the most human part of us. These mundanely recounted acts of kindness and bravery and love by those of the greatest generation have been the most sonorous aspect of the project. With immeasurable potential, we hope to continue indefinitely our quest to spark the revival of generational storytelling. When beginning this journey, the prospect of working with a group of immensely talented artists driven by individual and overlapping passions had the capability (and has since proven) to produce dramatic results. It is my hope that our yield will alter your perceptions on living meaningfully, garnering appreciation for those you love, and emphasize the resonant significance of often overlooked minutia in humanistic interactions. My involvement in the project has already changed my life and I beg you to utilize our experiences, which we have translated into film and image and text as honestly as possible, to discover and cultivate your own passions. If you allow your passions to widen your gaze, opportunities for personal expansion will reveal themselves. Live a life that builds to crescendo."

jared marsh


Jared currently resides in Pittsburgh, but always seems to be on the move chasing his next opportunity working as a commercial and freelance photographer.

Always wanting and willing to travel, he never knows where he's going to be next. One of Jared's biggest hopes is to be able to explore and travel all around Iceland (if not live and work there).

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"I can still remember when I got the call about this project. It was right when I was in the middle of photographing a wedding, Nate called me with a lot of excitement in his voice and right after I heard the idea I was pretty hooked as well. I knew every story I was about to hear was going to be an experience all in itself. I grew up in a small town about an hour and a half outside of Philadelphia and never actually really had a passion for photography, or even art in that matter. It wasn't until my second year attending Kutztown University for audio engineering that I got my first DSLR camera, a Sigma SD-14; ever since then I was hooked. Right after I received that camera, I finished up whatever semester I was currently in and moved out to Pittsburgh to learn photography; I finally found what I really wanted to do with my life. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a BS in photography, I began working with a large furniture company as their product photographer and just recently began working with American Eagle Outfitters as a photographer/digital technician. I am also a wedding photographer and that actually seems to be where my forté is and what I really enjoy the most."