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There might never be another generation that will experience such change in a lifetime than that of our participants.  The world today is a different place; it has exploded into the technological age with boundless options, distractions, and constant connectivity.  The dichotomy between our “odyssey generation” growing up in this globalized society and their more localized and simpler coming of age experience is drastic.  Herein lies a great conversation and learning opportunity.

As much as it is vital to preserve their testimony as a record, it is equally important to look beyond the past and allow this information to resonate with our current reality.  This blog is about making this experience accessible to a younger generation, drawing conclusions and parallels that enable us to reevaluate our present day situation.   

Our goal for this blog is to provide an editorial forum where we can freely express our thoughts and responses that arise from the content in our archive.  It is informal, unstructured, and even fun; it is meant to spark a healthy discussion about community and about general topics on life.  We understand and appreciate this great opportunity to learn and draw inspiration from these people, our storytellers.